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Department of Commerce Bahauddin Zakariy University, Multan, Pakistan


The specialization educates MS candidates to become researchers capable of exploring the challenging faced in entrepreneurial business and innovation policies. They will be able to contribute with new insights to the knowledge frontiers of international research.

Program Rationale

Our two-year specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship is created to support willing and capable candidates to obtain a high quality research education that qualifies for academic careers at leading research institutions or as advanced specialists elsewhere. The programme focuses on developing the candidates' theoretical and methodological capabilities and skills through careful research practice as well as theoretical studies required to become capable of disciplined and creative new theory creation.

The program seeks highly qualified candidates with background in disciplines that are relevant to studies of innovation and entrepreneurship. We require that all candidates have a sufficient knowledge of business management subjects to enter the program. However, we also recognize and appreciate the relevancy and fertility of different academic disciplines to this area of research such as economics, finance, industrial organization, economic history, economic sociology and –anthropology, in addition to business management, science- and technology studies etc. This various theoretical and disciplinary approaches are reflected in the program as well as among our faculty members. The program will provide a basis for a mature and critical attitude through emphasis on in-depth empirical and theoretical studies.

The MS program is highly important to the department's research agenda within areas of knowledge production that steadily has emerged as absolutely crucial to the modern world of business and society.

Program Structure

MS INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a 2-year study program based on the course work and research. Program is divided into four semesters; each spreads over a span of 4 ½ months. In this period total of 30 credit hours are required to be completed. The curriculum matrix of the MS program is as follows:

Table-1: Study Scheme

Semester - I

Semester - II

Code No:


Code No:


MIE - 701

Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MIE - 711

Developing Enterprising Individuals

MIE - 702

Advanced Research Methodology

MIE - 712

Research Seminar

MIE - 703

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management: A Critical Exploration

MIE - 713


MIE- 704

Seminars in Entrepreneurial Finance

MIE - 714


Semester - III & IV

Code No:


MIE – 801

Thesis & Viva-Voce (6 Credit Hours)

Table-2: List of Courses

Core Courses

Elective Courses

1. Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  1. 1. Business Creation and Development

2. Advanced Research Methodology

  1. 2. High Technology Entrepreneurship

3. Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management: A Critical Exploration

  1. 3. Project Management for new ventures

4. Seminars in Entrepreneurial Finance

  1. 4. Social Entrepreneurship Concepts and Cases

5. Developing Enterprising Individuals

5. Analysis of Entrepreneurial Experiences

6. Research Seminars

  1. 6. Entrepreneurial Strategy and Cases
  1. 7. Entrepreneurship, community and regional development
  1. 8. Managing the Family Business
  1. 9. International Entrepreneurship
  1. 10. Opportunity assessment

11. Building and Leading Effective entrepreneurial Teams

12. Sustainability Entrepreneurship

13. Seminars in entrepreneurial marketing

14. Open innovations and business clusters

Each teacher will give research project or term paper on the subject related to his course. Each course will be of 3 credit hours and carry 100 marks. The Department reserves the right to exercise its discretion in offering any subject or field of concentration, according to the availability of academic facilities.

Thesis is an integral part of the MS Semester Program, which carries 6 credit hours and 200 marks towards the final result. Candidates are required to submit a thesis and take Viva-Voce Examination. They will not be granted MS degree unless they have satisfactorily completed the thesis & Viva-Voce Exam.

Admission Requirement

This program is an eighteen-year qualification and a candidate qualifies for admission after sixteen years of study. Classes are open to those candidates who have passed the B. Com (Hons), BSc Accounting & Finance (Hons), MSc. E-Commerce, M.B.E, M.Com, MBA and MSc. Accounting & Finance Examination.

  1. There will be an entrance test for M. Phil program.
  2. The students have to pass NTS/GAT test before admission in M. Phil Program.
  3. Dissertation and its Defense 6 Credit Hours
  4. Total Credit Hours of the Program 12+12+6 = 30 Cr. Hrs.
  5. GAT-General and Admission Test (As required by HEC) and Interview
  6. No. of Seats 20 and 50% seats must be allocated for the Department of Commerce.
  7. All the other rules and regulations of the HEC regarding M.Phil program are applicable.
  8. It will be an evening program and university fee schedule will be applied.

Minimum Criteria for Admission in MS/M. Phil

This is for the information of all concerned that the degrees awarded by the Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions must meet the following minimum criteria for recognition by the HEC. MS/M. Phil Program:

  1. Sixteen years of schooling or 4 year education (124 credit hours) after HSSC/F.A. /F.Sc/Grade 12 equivalents will be required for admission in the M. Phil/MS.
  2. The GAT-General ( conducted by the National Testing Service with a minimum 50% cumulative score will be required at the time of admission to M. Phil/MS the GAT-General test is valid for a period of two years.
  3. For award of M. Phil/M.SEquivalent degree, candidates will either need to complete 30 credit hours of course work or complete 24 credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours for research work /thesis.
  4. There should be at least 2 relevant full time Ph.D. faculty members in a department to launch the M. Phil/MS/MBA programs.