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Department of Commerce Bahauddin Zakariy University, Multan, Pakistan


In this world of knowledge economy, cutting edge knowledge has become a critical issue in the survival of nation. The future of any nation is directly dependent on the quantity and quality of her accumulated knowledge and the speed at which it acquires further knowledge. We in Pakistan are awakening to this fact rightly, though belatedly. In the process of making this nation competitive on the international scene, the ability of the Pakistani Universities to produce high quality graduates who can rub shoulders with anybody in the world is of paramount importance. However, to move towards achievement of this objective, high quality faculty is most essential. To meet this need of quality faculty, the Department of Commerce offers intensive PhD program with specialization in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Business management and Entrepreneurship. This is full-time doctoral program of three years in total, with a third year reserved for final writing up of the doctoral thesis.

During the first year, PhD students are required to complete a portfolio of postgraduate taught courses and seminars covering accounting, finance and business management theory, econometric, statistical methods and research methodology.

Introducing the Ph.D. Program and hoped that it will help in promoting research and raising the standard of education in Commerce.

Program Rationale

The PhD in Commerce degree aims at training professionals and teachers in the skills and competences related to the systematic investigation of contemporary issues and problems in entrepreneurship, international business, management accounting, corporate finance, quality management, corporate governance, international Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, and Risk Management. At PhD level, the study is expected to provide new and original insights into the problem or the area under investigation. PhD students will be provided knowledge to apply analytical tools to inform global strategy formulation and execution, and to assess outcomes. In addition to providing a solid higher education that is useful for any career that requires the critical skills and adaptability of well-grounded graduates, the central role of Commerce in today's society makes the PhD in Commerce a sound basis for many stimulating and prestigious career opportunities within the accounting profession, in financial services, and many other related areas, particularly management and marketing.

Mission Statement of PhD in Commerce

To contribute our part in the social transformation of the nation by providing them specialized education in the field of Individual course topics reflect the advanced theories and applications relevant to present day contemporary developments in international business, management accounting, corporate finance, quality management, corporate governance, international Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, and Risk Management accounting and finance. We wish to provide high standard, forward-looking, coherent, interdisciplinary and career-oriented programs at affordable prices.

Objectives of PhD in Commerce

Develop functional knowledge of their specialty: Students will develop functional knowledge of management & finance specialty, an appreciation of the interrelation of the functional areas and broad based current business knowledge.

Develop competence in communication: Students will develop competency in oral, written and interpersonal communication.

Develop analytical skills to solve problems: Students will develop skills in analyzing and interpreting numerical data, and in reasoning and problem solving through mathematical processes.

Apply knowledge of technology applications: Students will be proficient in the use of basic applications of information technology particular to their field of management & finance.

Develop the ability to make ethical judgments: Students will develop a regard for human values and the ability to make judgments based on ethical considerations to remove the white-collar crimes in the corporate sector.

Demonstrate Strategic and Tactical Planning: Students will demonstrate strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Reporting. Students assess Project Financing; an appraisal of technical aspects of project evaluation, and details of project economics.

Demonstrate Strategic Thinking: Students will demonstrate strategic thinking by applying management & finance principles and techniques to develop and implement solutions to achieve business goals.

Develop the ability to leverage human capital: Students will develop the ability to leverage human capital. Students will demonstrate the ways of improving the quality of human resource.

Develop research skills to explore problems: Students will be able to create new knowledge and understanding through the process of research and inquiry. Research skills such as critical, analytical and conceptual thinking, problem solving will be developed.

Program Structure

PhD in Commerce is a three-year program. For award of PhD in Commerce degree, candidates will complete 18 credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours for research work/thesis:

  • One year course work of 18 credit hours
  • Six courses of 3-credit hours each
  • Three courses in each semester in first year
  • Research work (thesis) of 6-credit hours
  • Total 30 credit hours for PhD in Commerce program (as required by HEC)

Detailed degree plan for each semester is shown below:


Table I


Course Code


Core Courses

Specialized Courses


MC – 701

Issues in Contemporary Business


MC – 702

Research Methodology & Quantitative Data Analysis


MC – 703

Advanced Management Accounting Issues


MC – 704

Corporate Finance



MC – 711

Econometrics Financial Reporting & IFRS

MC – 712

Corporate Governance Advanced Auditing and Assurance

MC – 713

Elective-I 3. Financial Derivatives

MC – 714

Elective-2 International Finance



Security Analysis and Portfolio Management



Seminars in Accounting & Finance



Seminars in Management & Marketing



Advanced Financial Statement Analysis



Risk Management



International Business



Organizational Development





MC – 801

Thesis & Viva-Voce (6 Credit Hours)