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Department of Commerce Bahauddin Zakariy University, Multan, Pakistan

Commerce Research Forum (CRF)

Department of Commerce, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.


Department of Commerce is emerging as a research oriented department with ever increasing number of researchers and publications. There is no proper forum so far where these researchers can showcase their research ideas and outcomes. Also there is a strong need to train these researchers with the latest tools and techniques. Department of Commerce is looking forward to organise local and international conferences as well as collaborating with local and international researchers and institutes. In this context, there is a need to establish the Commerce Research Forum (CRF) with the following objectives.


  • To provide a platform for the researchers (faculty as well as students) for showcasing their research outcomes with fellow researchers as well as industry representatives.
  • To enhance networking opportunities among lead researchers, industrialists, professional organisations and government officials in support of the commerce education and research
  • To disseminate the research outcomes in the form of quarterly magazine / research journal.
  • To promote information exchange on the existing opportunities for local and international research funding/partnerships.
  • To organise seminars and workshops in order to equip researchers with updated knowledge and skills.
  • To organise national and international conferences in order to improve the research profile.

Activity Plan

In order to fulfil these objectives, the CRF is planning to carry out following activities.

Faculty and Student Presentations

The CRF will conduct bi-weekly seminars for faculty as well as for research students. These seminars shall be made compulsory for all research students. An advance schedule of seminars will be prepared. All faculty and students will be invited to participate. Schedule of presentations will be shared on the departmental website (a separate section of CRF shall be created).


The CRF will organise one day or two day workshops for the training of our faculty and research scholars. These workshops will range from basic to advanced level and will cover different research skills and use of software in conducting research. In order to make these workshops sustainable, fee will be charged to all the participants. These workshops shall be made compulsory part of continuing professional development (CPD) of the faculty members (permanent or part-time). At least two training workshops/training sessions per year shall be attended by each faculty member. Also in order to avoid dependence on external trainer we shall encourage our faculty members to be prepared for becoming a trainer. Our faculty shall conduct such trainings in future in the department and outside and can earn reputation as well extra money.


The CRF is aiming to organise at least one conference for the year (of a national or international level). The CRF will initially look into the possibility of national and international collaborations for organising this conference.

Information Exchange

Informational exchange is very important for recognising opportunities well in time. In this regard the CRF is aiming to develop both Physical and Virtual Commerce Research Information Board where a database of local and international conferences, call for papers, local and international funding opportunities, workshops, presentations, conferences and publications will be maintained. This board will also act as a display board of the CRF and will enhance the research profile of the department.


The CRF is looking to publish the Commerce Research Bulletin (CRB) on an annual basis. The main purpose of the bulletin is to share with the academia and industry, the accomplishments of our faculty in the publication of books, chapters, journal articles, conference presentations, exhibits, invited lectures, and awards during the previous year.

In addition to this the CRF will work closely with the editors of the Journal of  Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies and Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies for the publication of high quality research of the Department.