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Department of Commerce Bahauddin Zakariy University, Multan, Pakistan

Business School Initiatives for Social Responsibility

Fee Contribution to the Needy Students

Students and staff of the department of commerce are committed to support needy students. In this regard, last year we have provided financial assistance in the form of fee contribution to 40 students. We believe that education shall not be denied to any individual having no money. That is why we have taken this initiative and majority of the students and staff has responded positively to this initiative.

Collaboration withTawakal Trust

Students of MSc Accounting and Finance participated with the local NGO (Tawakal Trust) and interacted with students of a local school (The Crystal Educators) in the Tawakal town. Students and Faculty participated in their annual events in order to motivate students and to present gifts.

Blood Donation to Shaukat Khanam Hospital Trust (SKHT)

30 Students of BS Accounting and Finance participated in the Blood donation camp arranged by SKHT. Staff from SKHT also deliver a lecture on the importance of donating blood and clarifies miss-conceptions about blood donations.

Participation in Local SME Finance Mela

As part of our policy for support and development of local small and medium enterprises, department of commerce have participated in the SME Finance Mela. During the mela, faculty of the department interacted with various stakeholders to understand issues and concerns of SMEs. During the Mela, one of the issues highlighted by our faculty member was that, due to the language barrier, majority of the participants were not able to understand the different financial concepts that were being presented by various stakeholders. We offered our services to explain those concepts in the local language for better understanding. That initiative was very well received and appreciated by various stakeholders.

Advocacy and support for Women Entrepreneurship

Department of commerce is always active in organizing entrepreneurial mela and providing the platform for women entrepreneurs from the local community for showcasing their novel ideas. Special spaces were made available for women entrepreneurs. One of the projects which was launched from our platform is Fatima Zahra Group which offers Gown wear.

Collaboration with Institute of Research Promotion

Last year Department of Commerce collaborated with the Institute of Research Promotion (IRF) for initiating business incubator project. In this project department of commerce will act as a bridge between entrepreneurs and IRF. IRF will provide technical assistance to the unique feasible business ideas. Department of Commerce will provide platform to the youngsters to pitch their business ideas.